Pregnancy and Bleeding Gums

Getting bleeding gums during pregnancy is very common in about half of all women.

Why does it happen?

The biggest culprit is the change in hormones and blood cells causing a different reaction to the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth. So even normal brushing and flossing can cause your gums to bleed. This is called pregnancy gingivitis.

A small percentage of pregnant women will also get small lumpy growths too on the gums. These are called pyogenic granulomas and will resolve on their own in most cases after the baby has been born.​

How can I stop it?

Maintaining good oral health (i.e. brushing twice a day and flossing once a day) will help reduce the chance of gingivitis progressing to periodontitis. And seeing your dentist at least once during the pregnancy is very important. Pregnancy gingivitis will often resolve by itself after giving birth, or sometimes after you have stopped breastfeeding.