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Babies 1st Tooth Bundle (Age 0-2)
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Eco-Kids Yearly Pack (Age 3-6)
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We have 2 bundles available to help you take care of your kid's complete oral health care for 1 year. These are for children aged between 0 and 6 years. Children aged 7+ are able to use the Eco-Adults bundle

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How Can You Prevent Holes And Make Brushing Fun?!

Make Brushing Teeth a fun time for your kids. No more toothbrush fights at bedtime. Resolve cleaning around braces here for your older kids! We have everything you need! 

Parents or Grandparents? It's time to stop. Take charge and really care about what's happening in your precious kiddo's mouths. How well are your kids caring for their gums, tongue and teeth ??? All 3 are equally as important and we'll tell you exactly why and how to do it in 5 Simple Steps and a video below. Invest your efforts NOW in engraining the right dental habits & making green choices and watch how that shapes your kids future on our planet. Your family's dental bills can be huge...braces can be expensive. Save your kids from raising dental bills on other preventable oral issues. The Dentists at Bamboo Buddy simply want to help give you & your family the right tools. They have been trialled and tested to help the future health of your gums, tongue and teeth. You already know building in good oral habits such as flossing for your child from a younger age is much easier than trying to ask them when they're a teenager... Don't make that mistake! Incorporate those good oral habits for a brighter protected future for their adult teeth, which are needed for life.

5 Simple Steps For A Fun & Healthy Oral Care Routine For Your Children

1. When your child can open a present with all their plant-friendly bathroom goodies, this is the start of making their oral hygiene routine feel special to them. Our Bamboo Panda Kit Holder gives them a sense of care and ownership of their mouth.

2. Brushing for 2 minutes twice a day with our Brushing video (below) can make good cleaning a fun activity!  Even if your child seems to brush their teeth well, it's ALWAYS a good idea to give them an extra "polish" yourself, at least till they are old enough to tie their shoelaces. - Your efforts here make all the difference to preventing holes.

3. Teaching to BLOSS (Brush + FLOSS) when they start getting molars. Brushing and FLOSSing is so necessary to ensure gums remain healthy and prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Our Floss Picks are perfect for introducing flossing to children. Show them how to do it. Get your flossing done with them! Lead by example.

4. Using our Tongue Cleaner to clean their tongue - especially after the kids have been to a few birthday parties. Have you ever seen what comes off their tongue?! You really need to see this. Get rid of that bad bacteria and keep their breath feeling fresh.

5. Please replace all toothbrushes every 3 months - there's nothing worse than using bristles that have become ineffective at removing plaque. Our Free Toothbrush Calendar with our babies and kids bundle is perfect to help you keep on top of this.

Fun Stuff!

How long is 2 minutes? Not long with Duggee! Watch this with your children and brush at the same time!