I Don't Floss Because My Gums Bleed!

Hope this little explanation helps you! 

Dr Kris here from Bamboo Buddy. Now, one thing lots of patients tell me about the reasons why they don't floss is because they say it hurts or it bleeds when they floss. Now, this is actually the reason why you need to floss more, when your gums are bleeding when you floss, that means that your gums are inflamed, which means that there's bacteria and there's inflammation around your gums. Now by flossing, you'll be removing the plaque and bacteria that are between your teeth. Initially it will be sore, and initially it will bleed, but as your gum get healthier, when you floss and brush, it won't bleed, so make sure you floss every day. The best time to floss is at night before brushing your teeth, and do that and you'll have good healthy mouths.