How to Dispose of Bamboo Toothbrush Bristles

Let us show you how to recycle bamboo toothbrushes in the correct way.

Hi there, Kris from Bamboo Buddy here. Now then, at the end of the life, it's very important to recycle your toothbrushes. Now, the tips are made from nylon. Unfortunately, these bits aren't recyclable at this stage, so what we recommend is you get some pliers, and you pull the fibres out like this. If you get a good grab on them, they come out in one piece. So they're all coming out quite nicely there. And they're all done. There you go, all nice and off now. Now, this brush is now ready to go into your composting. The bristles will have to go to your non-recyclable waste. Thank you for watching and follow more videos from us.