Bamboo cotton tips 

200 Box


Stop using your plastic cotton tips NOW. And switch to our 100% eco-friendly, 100% compostable with recyclable cardboard packaging. Use for make up, face paint, petroleum jelly, ointment application and removal.


Non-sterile, do not put in ears! 

Product information

Contents: 200 x double ended cotton tips 

Material: Bamboo stick, organic cotton bud ends. Recycled cardboard box

Care and cleaning instructions:  Use with care around the body. Keep out of reach of children

Disposal: Tips can be composted (Bear in mind upon what they have been used for- eg. if only used with body fluids and water OK for composting. If used with chemicals/make up, then consider landfill as these chemicals may not be compostable.) Packaging can be recycled with paper or card

Personal care: Single use. Do not reuse tips or share with other people 

Product dimensions: 75mm x 5mm diameter

Packaging dimensions: 115mm x 85mm x 50mm

Packaged weight: 77g

GTIN: 9357266000024

Product code: BB102