Eco floss picks


Flossing is an essential part of oral hygiene, which is too often forgotten. It's important to do regularly to maintain healthy gums and prevent decay from happening between your teeth.


Traditional plastic floss has go to landfill and cannot decompose. These Bamboo Buddy Natural Floss Sticks are biodegradable! This is because the handle is made from corn starch (PLA) and natural silk.

Ahsima silk is naturally produced and the smoothest of the natural floss fibres and hence why we champion this.  

Product information

Contents: 30 x Dental Floss Picks.

Material: 100% Natural Ahimsa Silk. Corn starch PLA handles. Wax paper bag. Kraft card packaging  

Care and cleaning instructions:  Best used in for wider gaps between teeth. Use before brushing, or after eating best plaque control and gingival health. Single use

Personal Care: We recommend you see your dentist every 6-12 months to professional cleaning and examination for oral disease. 


Disposal: Discard floss picks into landfill waste. Packaging can be recycled with paper or card. 

Individual Product dimensions: 79mm x 22mm x 2mm 

Individual Package dimensions: 147mm x 21mm x 91mm

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