bamboo interdental brushes


Sometimes flossing isn't the best solution for you to clean effectively between your teeth. If you have large spaces, or simply can't get your fingers around flossing, the using our Bamboo Interdental brushes could be for you. If you have implants or bridges, these brushes will be perfect for preventing infection around that expensive work in you mouth! 


It's important to do regularly to maintain healthy gums and prevent decay from happening between your teeth.

Plastic has go to landfill and cannot decompose. These Bamboo Buddy Bamboo Interdental brushes are almost totally biodegradable! This is because the handle is made from natural bamboo. Only the bristle brush and wire is needs to be disposed in non-recyclables, which represents a 95% reduction of plastic waste compared with other products on the market.  


We have made a variety pack of sizes, because as dentists we know that one-size doesn't fit all the different sites in the mouth.  

Product information

Contents: 10 x Bamboo Interdental Brushes (3 x Size 0, 3 x Size 1, 2 x Size 2, 2 x Size 3)

Material: Bamboo Handles with Nylon bristles and stainless steel wire. Paper bag. Kraft card packaging sealed with cellulose biodegradable tape  

Care and cleaning instructions:  Use between gaps in teeth. Use before brushing, or after eating best plaque control and gingival health. Single person use. Maybe rinsed and reused until wire breaks or bristles are stripped off.

Personal care: We recommend you see your dentist every 6-12 months to professional cleaning and examination for oral disease. 

Disposal: Pull off wire/bristles with a pair of pliers and dispose into landfill waste. Remaining Bamboo handle can be put in compostable waste. Packaging can be recycled with paper or card. 

Product dimensions: 61mm x 6mm diameter 

Package dimensions: 110mm x 9mm x 67mm

Packaged weight: 16g

GTIN: 9357266000147

Product Code: BB130